The Aviance Trading department is responsible for the oversight and execution of trades for over $1.5 billion in assets as of 12/31/17, encompassing multiple separate investment strategies, with a majority of securities trading on the largest exchanges in the U.S.  Aviance Trading provides best execution and liquidity management for its clients, which includes Institutional investors as well as separately managed accounts custodied with large investment platforms and banks in the U.S.  Aviance Trading also works with large investment firms in creating and bringing to market new ETF strategies which trade on major Exchanges.  

Aviance Trading works closely with the Aviance Investment Committee and Portfolio Managers to minimize market impact and ensure best executions.  Aviance Trading leverages various strategies in order to minimize trade impact including trade impact analysis, algorithms, Dark Pools and well established relationships with liquidity providers.  The Aviance Trading team has over 35 years of cumulative trading experience.