Our Team

The Investment Committee is a standing committee responsible for the review and evaluation of our investment strategies.  The Committee uses a variety of tools to examine risk, return and correlation assumptions that inform the basis of our investment objectives. 

Led by the Aviance CEO, the Investment Committee consists of the Chief Investment Officer, portfolio managers, research analysts, our General Counsel and Head of Trading Operations.  The team is a cohesive group of professionals with experience in various investment disciplines.  Together, they function as a group where individual input is recognized and respected. 

They also have a history of working together, which not only strengthens the Committee’s effectiveness but allows for different points of view.  This approach is consistent with our team-based office environment, where collegiality and open communications are valued qualities.  For our investors, this blend of teamwork and individual expertise result in the necessary portfolio selection and review to meet client expectations for total return and lower risk exposure.