Executive Management

Edward Christian Bertelsen

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Edward Christian Bertelsen is the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager at Aviance Capital Management, LLC.  He is a co-founder of Aviance, and has also served as Chief Operating Officer.  At Aviance, he heads the Firm’s Investment Committee.  Mr. Bertelsen co-developed several ETFs listed on the NYSE.  He also was instrumental in launching a closed-end fund advised by First Trust, also listed on the NYSE.  Prior to joining Aviance, Mr. Bertelsen was a Senior Portfolio Manager with Salomon Smith Barney specializing in multi-sector fixed income investments and advising high net worth clients. Mr. Bertelsen was employed by Legg Mason Wood Walker as a Portfolio Manager, and by Raymond James Financial as a Vice President.  He received his BA, with honors, in Economics and History from Albion College.

Christian Cameron Bertelsen

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Christian Cameron Bertelsen is the President and Chief Investment Officer at Aviance Capital Management, LLC and is responsible for development and management of all investment strategies.  He is one of the founders of Aviance, which was formed in 2006.  Previously, he was the Chief Investment Officer of Global Financial Private Capital, LLC.  He also served as the Director of the value equity group at Phoenix Investment Counsel.  Mr. Bertelsen was the Chief Investment Officer at Dreman Value Advisors, and was a Senior Vice President with Eagle Asset Management.  Mr. Bertelsen headed the Equity Investment Department at Colonial Advisory Services, Inc. and managed the Colonial Fund.  He holds both a BA in Economics and History and an MBA from Boston University. MEDIA APPEARANCES

Teresa Annette Koncick, Esq.

Executive Vice President
General Counsel
Chief Compliance Officer

Ms. Teresa Koncick is the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Aviance Capital Management, LLC.  She previously was General Counsel and Director of Merrill Lynch Defined Asset Funds and Merrill Lynch Investment Partners.  Ms. Koncick was a Branch Chief at the Securities and Exchange Commission Enforcement Division in Washington, DC from 1985 to 1990, where she handled many of its most notable Wall Street cases.  Ms. Koncick was General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Global Financial Private Capital.  She also served as Associate Director for Collections and Programs at the Ringling Museum of Art.  Ms. Koncick received a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and her Juris Doctor from Antioch School of Law.  Additionally, Ms. Koncick holds an LLM in Securities Regulation from Georgetown University Law Center and an MA in Museum Studies from Seton Hall University.

S. Mark Belanian

Senior Vice President
Director of Investment Operations

Mr. S. Mark Belanian is the Head of Institutional Trading for Aviance Capital Management and is responsible for over $2.3 billion in tradable assets. Mr. Belanian joined Aviance Capital when the Firm was established in 2006 and was instrumental in building its trading operations.  He serves on the Firm’s Investment Committee.  Mr. Belanian was previously Head Trader and Senior Portfolio Analyst for the Phoenix Hollister Value Funds and at First Albany Asset Management in 2004 to 2005. Mr. Belanian was also primarily responsible for international business relationships at Phoenix Hollister Value Funds.  He received a BA from Trinity College.

Christopher M. Enger

Chief Information Security Officer
Director of Operations

As CISO, Mr. Enger is responsible for managing the IT operations and providing oversight of the information privacy functions at Aviance. As DO, he is also responsible for managing the general day-to-day operations of the firm. Mr. Enger holds an M.B.A. with a dual concentration in Finance and Management from Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business and is a recipient of The Dr. Edward Moses Distinguished Finance Award. He received a B.S.B.A. in Management Information Systems from The University of Central Florida.