About Aviance

Focused Asset Management

Aviance Capital Management is committed to creating investment portfolios that produce exceptional and consistent total returns with lower risk profiles. Aviance concentrates on strategic selection through fundamental, market and economic analysis.  We believe that creative outlooks and a dose of common sense grounded in close observation of the marketplace and business environments, afford necessary flexibility.  This approach is our compass, providing both the discipline and capability needed to navigate market changes and volatility.

Through a combination of high-quality equities, fixed income and exchange traded funds, our portfolios offer exceptional strategies for institutions, financial intermediaries and high net worth individuals seeking long-term capital appreciation and income, while limiting volatility.  We have consistently achieved positive returns for investors by understanding that investment ideas and approaches continually evolve. From our perceptions of the marketplace and economic trends we identify total return opportunities.  

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Aviance Capital Management is an independent investment advisor registered with the SEC*.  The firm was founded in 2006 by two highly experienced investment managers, Christian Bertelsen and Edward Bertelsen, who believe that client focus is of utmost importance and achievable with high quality investment strategies and service.  LEARN MORE

*SEC registration does not apply a certain skill or training.